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Hôtel de ville de Westmount


Carré Saint-Laurent


Gare Windsor – Montréal


Holt Renfrew Ogilvy – Montréal


Maison Manuvie


Hydro-Québec Head Quarters


Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury


Bell tower of the former Saint-Sauveur church (CHUM)


Québec court of appeal (Édifice Ernest Cormier)


Château Frontenac



The Armoury is the only military building in Canada that is recognized as a national historic site. Located in the heart of Old Quebec, the building was inaugurated in 1888 before being destroyed by fire in April 2008 and later rebuilt between 2012 and 2015. The mandate involved the reconstruction of the massive limestone and clay brick walls. More specifically, the reconstruction of the dormers and turrets which included the supply of worked and sculpted stones, as well as the reconstruction of the buttresses with pre-stressed rock anchors. In addition, following the reconstruction of the main building and its annexes, a rear part was added as well as an adjacent building to the west, both clad in limestone.

Bell tower of the former Saint-Sauveur church (CHUM)


The old Saint-Sauveur church occupied the corner of Viger and Saint-Denis streets in Montreal since its construction back in 1865. In order to make room for the new CHUM, we had the mandate to dismantle, number and store each of the stones of the bell tower in order to reconstruct it a few years later. The challenge that awaited us was met by our team of experienced masons. They were able to reassemble the bell tower according to its original aspect, in addition of a few improvements to the new concrete structure, all in conformity with the new paraseismic norms. As a first step, a survey of each stone was carried out to determine its condition. Some of them had to be replaced or repaired to ensure the integrity of the newly rebuilt bell tower.

Château Frontenac


Famous landmark in Quebec City, the Château Frontenac was built in 1893 and renovated over the years. We have carried out 3 campaigns of masonry repairs at the Château Frontenac since 2007. The nature of the interventions mainly involved the limestone and clay brick masonry as well as the consolidation of the steel structure and the replacement of window shutters. The greatest challenge encountered at the Château Frontenac was undoubtedly; the placement of the scaffolds, working on an occupied building, and producing identical stone replacements in order to respect the heritage character of the site.